Krosmaster Figurine of Fabine Berthaz

Fabine Berthaz English flag

2 Nível 7 Iniciativa
3 PM 6 PV 6 PA

A Hair Beadth from Victory


No line sight from 1 to 2 New Gobbowl Ball (1)
 2 AP
Puts a GOBBOWL BALL into play on the targeted free cell. 
Classic range from 3 to 4 Disengage
 4 AP
Moves an adjacent allied GOBBOWL BALL to the targeted free cell. Opponent adjacent to the moved GOBBOWL BALL receive -1{AP} and 1{ij}
Front picture of Fabine Berthaz Krosmaster Back picture of Fabine Berthaz Krosmaster
Formato Torneio:
  • Legal em Eternal
  • Legal em Season
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